Who we are

We like to introduce in brief that our company Pak line Industries is based in Sialkot,Pakistan “Since 1985”.

Pak Line Industries, a prime producer of equipment in the medical field, predominantly surgical instruments, was formed in 1985. Over more than 3 decades of crafting to the request of medical professionals worldwide, Pak Line gave surgical instruments a new benchmark. Produced in a meticulously maintained environment, at consistently high quality and customised to the specific needs of its clients. The name and the brand Pak Line are considered the forerunner for high grade and precise surgical instruments that deliver unprecedented trust and confidence into the hands of medical professionals, whether they are surgeons, doctors or paramedical staff in situations where the margins between life or death are simply invisible.

Pak Line Industries is running his second generation family business successfully since 1985. Pak Line Industries committed to produce vast range of best quality instruments surgical instruments, dental instruments, beauty care, holloware and body piercing instruments.

Pak Line Industries consists of an incorporated manufacturing facility, which spread over 10880 square feet; employing 200 highly skilled workers to produce vide range of instruments. We are located in the Industrial city of Sialkot that is well known city all over the world for the production of best quality instruments.

All the products are manufactured with great care as per required level of quality by the clients and pay maximum attention to produce the products as per samples approved or better than samples.

Our Mission

Our main mission is satisfaction about the quality of our products, so our customers could sell our all the instruments in the market with full confidence and without any risk/each item smooth in function and long life.

If sometime customer ask us to use any special steel in the manufacturing of special instruments.

Like French steel or titanium, we meet customer’s requirement decently on PRICES very reasonable.



Pak Line Industries